The most reliable way to learn your home’s value is a market analysis.

I’ve been talking to many different homeowners who are thinking of buying, selling, or just staying put. One question that always comes up is: “What is my home worth?”

That is a huge question, and I want to caution you because I’ve heard of real estate professionals who come in and just blurt out a number to them. You want to work with someone who will actually do their homework, look at the market, and do a true market analysis for you. I would gather data about your property and see what has and hasn’t been selling in your neighborhood. A market analysis looks at all those facts and figures. Then I would meet with you, and we would talk about what that all means so that you can best decide what you would want to sell your house for in today’s market.

If you have questions about your home’s worth, please give me a call to schedule a strategy session. I look forward to hearing from you.